JOan Short is best described as an Holistic Falicitator and Guide.  She is qualified in a number of spiritual and physical therapies.  Joan arrived at her current stage in life, after many years of administrative and organisational work for corporate and independent businesses.  Embarking on her holistic journey by returning to fulltime learning, she has added various therapies and life/work experiences to bring her where she is today, helping people get the best deal they can for themselves in their life using the resources they already have within themselves.  Also, by recognising those they can obtain for themselves in the future, enables an awakening awareness of their personal potential.

With over 14 years of experience in the therapeutic practice of
Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Liguistic Programming), aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, sports and remedial massage, reiki(visualisation, meditation), Joan is well able to find the appropriate holistic combination to suit each individual.   All the skills are powerful in their own right but brought together and utilised for positive change then amazing transformations occur within the explorer


Joan delivers training sessions one to one or small groups delivers talks and works with small businesses where HR facilities are limited.


So with JOan as your guide are you ready now to start exploring?

































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